Information Security Policy

General View

To reduce fraud, the Zarin Pal service needs to request the personal and bank account information of its members, which is used in the ZarinPal service. ZarinPal users are required to provide us with the information requested by the service. By agreeing to the security policies, you have expressed a compromise and agreement to help us process your personal information, to implement the best policy of information security. This policy defines the information security we collect and how to use this information. Zarin Pal protects your information security strongly and uses them only on the terms of information security policy. We would not sell your personal information, or a list of our customers, not to any third party, nor anyone else. Although ZarinPal is governed by the Islamic Republic of Iran and is subjected to the laws of the country, in certain conditions, and is receiving orders from the competent authorities it is necessary to provide the appropriate information to them. It is necessary for users to review the information security policy time to time. The policy runs on all websites that use ZarinPal services. By agreeing to the information security policy at the time of membership, you have agreed to reveal your information to be used and conduct us to carry out the terms of information security policy.

Information Change Reminder

These policies may sometimes be reconsidered by adding new functionality to the ZarinPal service or implementing customers' recommendations. These policies may be modified at any time by sending a new version of it on the website. The modified version conditions that we put on the website would be applicable at the same time. Also, if we intend to change the current information security policy, we will acknowledge you 30 days before performing the change on the policies by displaying warnings on the page. After displaying these warnings and advertisements about the change, it is assumed that you have agreed with the new requirements of the information security policy. If you disagree with the changes, you can close your account at any time. Please visit the to check out the latest version of the information security policy. Some pages of the ZarinPal website include links related to other websites. These websites have their own security policy conditions, and ZarinPal is not responsible for the performance of those websites. Users who register their information on third-party websites should review their security requirements and then take action to provide them with personal information and identity.

Special Reminder to Adolescences and Children

Adolescences and children (under 18 years old) are not permitted to use the ZarinPal service.

The Information We ask from Our Users

The Required Information

The Required Information To register a ZarinPal account, you should enter your name, address, phone number, and email address. Be careful to enter this information correctly as ZarinPal check the input data and verify their authenticity. Zarin Pal may request a copy of the identity documents (including a copy of the birth certificate and the national card), or contact your phone number, or send a 10-digit code using the post office services to your postal address. To achieve the silver level (which provides users the general services), all the above steps must be carried out. To properly pay using ZarinPal, you need to provide us with your bank account information (including account number and card number). It is necessary to match the stated accounts with the name of the registered member. ZarinPal may request a copy of the registered credit card or financial card in the system. This is used to prevent the use of the stolen e-cards in the ZarinPal system. This operation may be performed for deposits and withdrawal transactions and will return the deposit to the source card if the e-card ownership is not verified by ZarinPal. ZarinPal will also refer you to the website of the banks to receive credit and increase your credit online. You need to review the information policies of each bank. We also ask you to enter and answer a security question. These questions are asked when you request a new password (in the case of forgetting your password), thus, no fraud would be made from your current account. We also need some of your business or identity information from you (for some high-volume credit transactions by ZarinPal), which helps us prevent financial abuse and to observe some regulations.

ZarinPali's Friends

The updated phone numbers of your contacts would be saved in the ZarinPal database so that individuals like you could be specified and presented to you. Based on the ZarinPal algorithms, only the phone number of these people is required and no extra information would be observed and saved. As you open your contact numbers section, you can see your ZarinPali's Friends. The purpose of this work is to build and expand a continuous community of ZarinPal users, to accelerate the financial transactions between the users on the infrastructures of this company.

The Information of the Transactions

When you send some credit to someone or ask someone for credit, we would ask you some information about the transaction; for example, the type of transaction (purchase of goods, service, or simple credit transaction), email address, or the phone number of third-party. Also, when you would prefer to send credit to another client through ZarinPal, you may be asked some personal questions about the third party to complete the transaction. This information may also be sent from that person and would be accessible to us. We use this information for all your transactions in the ZarinPal and add them to your profile to be used in your future transactions. We collect the Internet address (IP address), and some computer identity information, or the device that use to access to your ZarinPal account to track the possible and forbidden transactions.

Your Information about The Third-Party

To protect our customers from potential frauds we match your available information on the banking processors with your personal information. In some circumstances and if you receive or send a large amount of credit through ZarinPal, we will check your information and your business.

Additional Verifications

If we cannot verify the information you provide to us, or if you have requests for receipt of payment by the check to an address other than your approved address, we ask you to send additional information (such as a copy of a new electricity bill or a new phone or other information that can prove this address belongs to you) using an e-mail or answering our questions online so that we can confirm your information. This would be carried out in rare cases.